Parties - Hosting

Is it possible to get healthy, dirty and have fun at the same time? Absolutely!

You need to have a “Get Dirty To Get Healthy Party”

My name is Stephanie Talia, owner of Mindful Minerals North Texas (MMNT).  The Mindful Minerals Skin Care Products that I distribute are nothing short of phenomenal as you will see when you host your “Get Dirty to get Healthy” party.  Invite your girlfriends, loved ones or colleagues to come and experience what healthy skin care feels like. 

What is a Get Dirty To Get Healthy Party?  It is free of charge to you. You can invite 5 or more friends to your home and I will supply the healthy skin care products.  

Additional Information about Mindful Minerals:

Mindful Minerals offers solutions for varying skin conditions from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne. Mindful Minerals also offers solutions for hyperpigmentation as well as anti-aging. The skin care system is simple and straight forward. Mindful Minerals provides skin care cards that detail what products to use and how to use them based the persons skin condition and how they help.

Mindful Minerals’ mission is to provide a healthy skin care alternative that is all natural, completely free of preservatives and additives.  The products have highly effective, top grade ingredients and formulas to maintain purity while naturally preserving the product. The best part about the Mindful Minerals products is that they are STILL affordable.   Mindful Minerals offers a 100% money back guarantee on their products. If for any reason you are not satisfied with any product (within 30 days of purchase), your money will be refunded to you.

Mindful Minerals realizes that what you put on your skin goes into your body and what you put into your body should benefit not harm.  This is why all of the products are formulated with the highest quality natural botanicals, fruit extracts and the over 35 minerals and trace elements harvested from the Dead Sea.  These minerals, 12 of which are exclusive only to the Dead Sea, are vital for the optimal functioning of the skin and body, making it a personal care product to be enjoyed daily and to benefit the millions of sufferers of psoriasis, eczema, arthritis and such who may benefit from the minerals found in the Dead Sea.