June 29, 2022

Transdermal vs Topical Products…Do you know what are in the products you use every day and apply to your skin? Are you really getting what you paid for? Not all products are created equal. 😳🤯😳

I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day about their skin issues. Their nails were thin and starting to lift. This caused some anxiety understandably. She had tried many products but they were not helping with the thin brittle nail and nail lifting issue.

While the products she had tried were healthier, they were not performing and giving her the results she wanted as they were topical. Topical meaning they were manufactured to treat the surface/immediate area. Transdermal products like the Get Nurtured balm (packed with 35 minerals from the Dead Sea) is designed to penetrate the skin and deliver the needed minerals through the blood stream to the body.

What does that mean for anyone wanting harder, longer and stronger nails? It can be achieved with continued usage. Look at the before and after pictures. Within 30 days, the clients nails coloring is more even and the lifting areas are growing out.
Note: the client mentioned she was taking collagen and her nails were growing fast, however “the balm has really helped.” https://www.mindfulmnt.com/products/mindful-minerals-get-nutured?_pos=1&_sid=777b9cb7a&_ss=r
Get Nurtured Healing
There is more than one way to nourish your body. You nourish your body through being mindful of what you eat. Why not nourish your body through your skin too? Skin is the largest organ of the body. It takes 20-30 seconds for things to absorb through your skin into your blood stream. Why not nourish and give your body what it needs.

I have been using clean EWG Dead Sea skin care products for years. It was a game changer in how I live with psoriasis. The Dead Sea mud calms inflamed skin. The get nurtured balm penetrates the skin deeply to calm itching and heal the skin.

You don’t have to suffer with skin discomfort, cracked, dry or inflamed skin. It has been an exhausting vetting process but so worth finding and using theses solutions. I now love the skin I am in and living my best life, so can you. If you are ready to try something new that works or would like more information, DM me or comment.

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