September 05, 2020

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Is your body getting the minerals it needs? Tired of dry, dull or inflamed skin? Dead Sea products can help calm, relieve & restore the natural moisture barrier of the skin. These products contain vital minerals found in the Dead Sea that your body needs to function properly. 

One of the highest minerals found in these Dead Sea products is Magnesium.  Magnesium helps in building the bones, producing protein, making vitamin D available to the body and giving vital energy to the cells. Magnesium is absorbed easily through the skin layer.

Concentration of the magnesium salts are ten times higher than in any other seawater (found only in the Dead Sea water, mud and Salt). Magnesium rapidly heals and soothes the skin, prevents redness, itching and irritations which are the skin's reaction to allergies. Magnesium penetrates through the skin and assists in the metabolic process, in circulation of the oxygen through the blood and improves circulation.

No one should suffer from skin discomfort. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

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