July 04, 2020

I see you! It is more than skin deep.

I see you!
I see and feel your pain and skin discomfort!
I see your angry, inflamed, patchy, painful and never ending itchy skin.
I see you sitting on your hands and counting to 10 to keep from itching uncontrollably until your skin bleeds.
I see the lesions on your skin that you have ripped/scratched open uncontrollably and now they bleed and hurt even more.
I see you put on the smile and happy face and continue to show up even though you want to run and hide.
I see through the smile to the pain, depression and anxiety your skin discomfort has and is causing you.
I see you struggling to not give into the hateful comments and give up and just end it all.
I see you pray for comfort, healing, relief and a better quality of life.
I see and hear you wondering if this is what your life will always be like.


There is hope and a better quality of life so that you can heal and be happy.
Never stop trying to find solutions or something that can and will get you relief. You don’t need to suffer, you don’t have to accept others comments and opinions who cannot see you for the beautiful, strong person you are.

I see you.
I see past your hurt and skin discomfort.
I see your beauty, strength and determination. You are a gem, one of a kind and so worthy.
I see you, more than skin deep. I am you, you are me.
Stay strong. Never give up.