August 08, 2021

Are you ignoring your bodies warning signals? ❌‼️🌡♨️

Yesterday my body gave me some big warnings to dial it back or it will give me a hard stop. By hard stop I mean crash, sick, run down and sleeping for days. I have psoriasis and have to be MINDFUL of what is going with my body. Some of the warning signs - low or no energy, swollen glands in my neck, respiratory irritation.

This week has been both a sprint and marathon. I have been non stop due to deliverables coming up as well as knocking stuff off my to do list. While it has been highly productive it has taken a toll.

As it is National Work Like A Dog Day! I think I’m gonna take my que from Guinness and Rebel and dial it back a bit.

Yep, back to basics and boosting my immune system. I dialed it way back.
1) I stopped pushing myself so hard.
2) Added elderberry to my tea. Great immunity boost. I hear oregano oil is good for that as well. Have not tried it yet as I have had great success with elderberry.
3) Hydration 💦💦💦
4) 2 power naps (first one was 12 min out cold, second one was 30 min). After each nap, I was feeling better, more refreshed.
5) Good night sleep.
6) Salt therapy this weekend - further boost my immune system and gentle, natural detox.

Thursday morning reminder…you don’t have to do it all. You need to take care of you. After all if you don’t take care of yourself, where are you going to live?

Keep moving🏃🏻‍♀️, stay hydrated💦 and love the skin your in.

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