March 03, 2020

Hi, I'm Stephanie Talia with Stephanie's Mindful Solutions. I am sharing my story and why water, mud, minerals, salt and energy are my go to’s for skin/body relief and better quality of life.

This picture is ME…today. I am finally comfortable in my own skin (figuratively and literally). You may not know or see it, but I have suffered for years with skin discomfort, flare ups and reactions to toxic products I was using. Granted, I did not know they were toxic until I went on this journey. I have learned so much and continue to learn about hidden dangers in products as well as what to use to calm and heal the skin and body quickly.

I used to have skin issues (drys, itchy, red and angry skin). I used to scratch and itch my skin uncontrollably during an allergic reaction sometimes making my skin bleed. I used to sit on my hands and count to 10 in between itching my skin. For years I searched for products/solutions that worked and gave me relief only to have to throw them away because my skin rejected them or they just did not work. I used to use steroid creams to calm my skin during the rough times. Not something you want to do long term as steroid cream tends to thin the skin with prolonged use.

You are probably wondering why I am sharing this. I am sharing this for anyone who is suffering or someone who knows someone who is suffering with constant skin discomfort. There is HOPE. Don’t give up on trying new products/solutions or finding the product(s) that work for you. It took me years, of throwing money and product in the trash, but I did it! I have found natural non toxic solutions that have improved my quality of life. In fact, the best compliment I get is for someone to tell me, “I had no idea you have skin issues. I can’t tell.“ It was not always that way.

What has worked for me is water (ultra hydration), Dead Sea Mud, Minerals, Salt and energy. Proper hydration is key for skin as well as the body to flush toxins. Dead Sea Mud, minerals and salt…just that in the products I use are loaded with minerals. They help calm my skin, restore the natural moisture barrier and have given me relief and a much better quality of life. I no longer use steroid cream. I use Dead Sea Mud to treat flare-ups and spot treat changes in my skin. The final piece – energy! I absolutely have more energy as a direct result of hydrating properly and through the high mineral content and absorption from the products because combined they help my body function properly. ANTI-AGING is just an added bonus of all of these products. 😊

If you have read this far, thank you for reading through this post. There is hope and relief for those who suffer from skin discomfort. If you or someone you know has skin issues and would like to discuss natural, non-toxic solutions…PLEASE SHARE. I would love to hear your story and share the solutions I have found. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

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