April 19, 2020

I found my skin was drying out and almost cracked due to all of the extra hand washing lately. The natural moisture barrier was being stripped from my skin due to all the detergents and fragrance and whatever else was in some of the liquid soaps I was using. 

I knew if I did not take care of my skin, it would crack and that would not be good. I went back to basics and restored the natural moisture barrier and proper balance. I was able to keep my hands and wrists from dying out and cracking by applying Dead Sea Mud every 4 to 5 days.

The Dead Sea Mud Mask is loaded with Minerals your body needs to function properly. It restores the natural moisture barrier of my skin to avoid cracking. I then applied Get Nurtured Dead Sea Balm/ointment to the back of my hands and knuckles. It deeply penetrates and moisturizes the skin. Within 2 days the texture and dryness was gone. 

No one should suffer skin discomfort. Everyone should be comfortable in their own skin.

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