September 15, 2020

Grow where you are planted!
On the surface this tree is healthy and leaning toward the warmth of the sun. What you don’t see are the years of pain, sadness and loneliness to get to where it is at....comfortable, healthy, strong and unbreakable.
This picture is my journey. The scorched, cracked earth represents the skin issues I have lived through, survived and overcome. Dry, cracked, painful skin that impacted my quality of life for years. Pain, depression and embarrassment always on the surface making me doubt, question and sometimes hide from others. Years of searching for products that would get me by in the moment or work and get me relief. Keep going, keep searching and never give up!
I never gave up. I have found solutions that have calmed and healed my skin and body. My quality of life has improved which has allowed me to grow, become healthy, strong and to help others be comfortable in their own skin.
I am different and it’s ok. I am NOW comfortable in my own skin. I am able to share and to help others continue to grow and reach for the sun and stars. I learned to grow where I was planted because I never gave up. I am the tree, strong and unbreakable.